%Foundation | John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation


The John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation is committed to making real advances in mental health in Edmonton, from diminishing negative stigmas to funding programs and scientific research, the foundation is dedicated to the community, now and in the future.

We are of the mind that mental health resources and programs need to become more accessible to Edmontonians. The John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation supports non-profit organizations that promote and impact mental health in the Metro Edmonton Region. Through our production of remarkable events, we are able to amplify fundraising potential and benefit the community greatly.

We are especially passionate about our philosophy that mental health care must start early, and that we have a duty to adolescents of the Edmonton area. Teenage years can be complicated and stressful on the best of days, but these emotions become even more difficult when compounded with mental illness.

We are committed to this journey for the long haul. We want to make sure that our fundraising efforts are going directly to organizations that benefit happier, healthier futures for all Edmontonians. Be assured that the John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation will continue to make a positive impact through music in an effort to Inspire Lasting Change.

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