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The John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation is committed to making real advances in mental health in Edmonton, from diminishing negative stigmas to funding scientific research. We are dedicated to the community, now and in the future, one note, one song, one dollar at a time.

To fulfill our mission, we need the help of Edmonton’s compassionate business leaders, influential thought-leaders, and vibrant community members. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available to suit every interest level and budget.

See here for full sponsorship package.

Sponsorship Levels




  • Nakatsu Dermasurgery
  • Alberta Sound Construction & Management
  • Starlight Casino
  • A&W
  • Linda Morgan
  • APP
  • ParkDerochie
  • Steve & Christine Kearley
  • Bennett Jones

Ensemble & Soloist

  • Jiffy Lube
  • Vanta Group
  • Louvic Transport
  • Richardson GMP
  • Janet Folk
  • Cory & Nicole Janssen
  • Gallo Company
  • Rev. Bob & Rev. Jocelyn Jones
  • Adamas Goldsmiths
  • TD Wealth River Valley Group
  • iSparkle Marketing
  • Robert Duke
  • Kimberley Homes
  • Italian Bakery's Mercato
  • The Jason Gregor Show
  • Jay Kemp
  • Sherrilyn Dale
  • Dr. Kirsten Baxter
  • Stephanie Held
  • Patrick Cassidy
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